Spending time out on the green? Nothing ruins your game faster than having the golf cart you’re driving run out of juice. But that’s something you don’t need to worry about with GreenLiFE, which has the energy to get you going for longer.

For anything that’s Battery Powered, there are unique advantages to upgrading to the LiFePO4 batteries — especially if it has wheels!  There’s a vastly superior “Usable” capacity to LiFePO4 batteries, which can be completely discharged with no issues or complications. Other types of batteries can only use about 50% of their capacity.

LiFePO4 power also enables you to maintain higher speeds since these batteries don’t slow down as you go. Why? They have consistent voltage that means a stronger power source and the BMS prevents voltage sag– providing consistent voltage throughout the entire cycle.
You can also charge quickly, as LiFePO4 is nearly 100% efficient at both charging and discharging, allowing for the same amp hours both in and out.


Don't get stuck on the green in a golf cart! Keep them moving with these batteries.


Our batteries are made of recycled material, along with most of our manuals and collateral material.


Navigate near or far with a power source that won't short out.