If you drive a truck, semi or bus for a living, the last thing you want to worry about is being stuck on the highway without power. Fortunately,  GreenLiFE has the energy to keep you going with batteries that last 100% longer per cycle than comparable lead acid batteries, giving you more time off the grid. GreenLiFE also allows for longer trips without losing the comforts of electricity.

Less weight means better economy to and from your destination. With the ability to hold a charge for over a year, our batteries will be ready to go when you are. No more dead batteries after your vehicle has been at rest for 6 months. If you’re tired of dragging out old batteries that keep failing, GreenLiFE Batteries continue for 3000-5000 cycles. That is 10x more than your standard lead acid. We are green for the environment, too. With ROHS compliancy, our batteries are 100% recyclable with no heavy metals.


Feel confident that GreenLiFE batteries will carry you the distance.


Travel farther with a durable power source equipped for long lasting energy.


We plant a tree for every battery sold. 1-for-1, ensuring a positive environmental impact.