Solar power and lithium batteries

Top Reasons Why Solar Power Has a Very Sunny Future in the U.S.

No pun intended, but it looks like solar power has a very bright future. Could there actually be a day when a home is completely powered by solar energy, without the need to also be connected to their local electric grid? Read on. Today, there are very high expectations for the solar energy industry. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory notes that rooftop solar panels could potentially generate up to 40 percent of the electricity in..

Hurricane season preparations

Top Reasons to Prepare for the Worst this Hurricane Season

There was some good news recently for residents of Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico, who endured a brutal hurricane season in September 2017. According to a seasonal outlook from The Weather Company, released in late June, Americans can expect a below-average number of tropical cyclones this hurricane season. But the report also predicted 11 named storms and four hurricanes now through November, including two major storms that could become Category 3 or higher. That amounts..

Lithium batteries protect earth

Protecting the Earth: How Using Lithium Batteries Makes a Great Contribution

Everyone wants a clean and healthy environment – study after study proves that. We all appreciate the natural beauty of our lakes, beaches, the mountains and forests, and we want them protected. Saving the environment is a goal we all share. What’s important to understand is the role everyone has in keeping the Earth clean, safe and healthy. And there are a lot of examples of how we can contribute to a healthier environment in..

lithium batteries for boating

For Boating and Fishing Lovers, the Lithium Ion Boat Battery Keeps You Running

If you’re someone who loves fishing, you know the list of equipment you need out on the waters can be longer than a great white shark or southern sunfish. You probably know that list by heart: rods, reels, hard and soft baits, swim baits, tackle storage, fishing tools, waders and so much more. But there’s something else the world’s top anglers are relying on these days, and that’s the lithium ion boat battery. That’s because..

Lithium battery testing

Lithium Battery testing: The right and wrong ways of doing it

Boating is one of the most enjoyable activities imaginable. There’s a wonderful sense of relaxation when you get away from the daily grind and enjoy the peaceful, serene atmosphere when you’re on a boat. When you’re at sea or on a lake, nothing else seems to matter. It’s you and the water, and you’ve got the tranquility you were looking for. If you love boating and exploring the waterways, you probably know there’s one thing..