If you’re someone who loves fishing, you know the list of equipment you need out on the waters can be longer than a great white shark or southern sunfish. You probably know that list by heart: rods, reels, hard and soft baits, swim baits, tackle storage, fishing tools, waders and so much more.

But there’s something else the world’s top anglers are relying on these days, and that’s the lithium ion boat battery. That’s because those with a passion for casting their reel into the ocean want a reliable power source that ensures they’re going to be able to stay out on the waters longer, move faster, and save weight on their boat.

Today, more and more fishing pros look to lithium batteries to offer them a competitive advantage, doing everything a lead acid battery can do, only faster.  

What they want is a battery that’s strong all day long, with a much longer life cycle, that can recharge more quickly, and is fully sealed, meaning no maintenance required. That’s the lithium advantage.

If you’re not into fishing but love sailing and exploring the open seas, you’re also going to recognize that upgrading to LiFePO4 batteries is a smarter bet when you’re sailing the waters.

Open seas sailing with lithium

Using the lithium ion boat battery is not only a more dependable source for power, but it’s also is a “green” choice and great for our environment, including protecting the very waters that you’re on. Lithium ion marine batteries are non-toxic and don’t emit fumes or vapors, and are composed of recycled material.

For those who love being out on their boats, whether for fishing or just enjoying the spectacular view of the local waters, lithium ion boat batteries are a must.

Why Are Batteries Important for Boating?

If you live in a coastal state like Florida, where the ocean is all around you and there are plenty of inland lakes, you know one of the most popular pastimes is boating.

In fact, Florida is considered the boating capital of the world. There are more registered boats in the Sunshine State than any other, and it’s been estimated that up to 100,000 boats sails the waters off Florida on any given day. It’s one of the chief reasons why Florida is a major vacation destination for those who love boating and fishing.

It’s also why boaters flock to waterways like the St. Johns River, one of the state’s major interior waterways, which also has an abundance of first-class marinas and ship supply stores – not to mention a large number of waterfront festivals hosted in Jacksonville, which also hosts one of the largest kingfish tournaments in Florida.

Word has it that the shallow-water fishing in the salt marshes there is just about as good as it gets.

The Miami/Fort Lauderdale area also offers some of the best boating in Florida, which is why Greater Fort Lauderdale, with 300 miles of inland waterways, is often called the Venice of America and Yachting Capital of the World. And don’t forget that the annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is among the largest events of its kind in the world. 

If you’re a boater and Florida is the place for you, either as a resident or vacationer, you’re going want to be sure you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable trip.

And that definitely includes the most reliable marine batteries. Keeping your boat from running out of power needs to be a top priority.

You don’t want this to happen on your trip

The problem is, a lot of people don’t think much about marine batteries – until they don’t work. Most people know that marine batteries are known for their durability and reliability.

Still, as with all products, the older they get, the more likely they are to fade away and lose their power. And that’s when it’s time to pick out the best replacement.

What Are the Strengths of Lithium Batteries for Boating?

There are two key tasks handled by the batteries on your boat: starting the engine, and running all electrical loads, from lights to radio and other accessories. You never want to lose the ability to do either one.

The lithium ion boat battery is becoming more popular because they excel at high-performance battery tasks.

That’s why a lot of manufacturers and boat owners have made the transition from flooded lead-acid batteries to LiFePO4 battery technology, which offers plenty of advantages for boating.

That includes:

  • A stronger performance, which will be instantly noticeable;
  • A longer lifespan, which saves you money;
  • Dependability without the hassle of any maintenance being needed;
  • And the knowledge that these batteries are cleaner, healthier, and less prone to leaching.

Lithium-ion boat batteries have a higher voltage output than lead acid batteries.

That means when you’re out on the water, you get more trolling motor speed. They last longer than lead acid and you don’t have to be concerned about getting stuck with a dead battery on the water, especially with little or no advance warning.


Under normal use, a boater can get 10 years or more of service out of their lithium batteries, which offers significant savings.

Lithium-ion batteries also weigh much less than lead acid batteries, and in fact are so light they can float — which is going to provide a big boost to your boat’s speed and fuel economy.

The lithium ion boat battery also takes a full charge in just a third of the time that a lead acid battery does, fully charging within two hours, compared to six hours or more for a lead acid battery.


If you love boating, fishing, and the open waters, you’re going to want to enjoy them safely and with no headaches or worries about losing power. That’s why so many now appreciate lithium ion batteries on boats. If you’re looking for the best boat battery, that’s an easy choice. The lithium ion boat battery takes full charge of starting your outboard, powering your trolling motor, and providing the juice to your electronics.

There’s a key reason why anglers and boaters now appreciate the advantages of using LiFePO4 batteries to ensure that power is going to be there throughout the entire excursion. This is a battery that doesn’t need seasonal charging. For the growing number of people who’ve fallen in love with boating and fishing, these batteries are dependable all the way.

To learn more about switching over to a LifePO4 battery, contact GreenLiFE Battery at 888-522-2883, and let’s get you out on your boat safely and comfortably.